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Yoga of Relationships


This is my 10th year coming to Lake George, NY with my husband and his family.  It’s a tradition that we create a tandem yoga flow sequence together.  When I reflect on the art of relationship …which truly is a YOGA practice… I see how our collaborative vinyasa is a metaphor for the way we communicate and move together in our life off the mat.

Vinyasas are progressive sequences that unfold with an inherent harmony and intelligence. “Vinyasa” is derived from the Sanskrit term nyasa, meaning “to place”, and the prefix vi, “in a special way”. Like the placement of steps along a path to the top of a mountain, a vinyasa sequence is the particular way one posture flows into the next.  It is done so with a purpose towards an ultimate objective.

Sometimes we are totally in sync and at other times… not so much. Sometimes we stand back and support the other.  Sometimes we need to help each other up.  Sometimes we make mistakes. We are mirrors for each other… we forgive, we accept and we continue to move forward together, with the goal that our every action and reaction is done with attention and care for the other… of course, it’s not always the case.

To be in any relationship is to be in vinyasa. It’s a dance that is alive and is moving. In order to make it work… to make it flow… you’ve got to breathe and “place” your love “in a special way“…




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