Meet Amy

Mother, Wife, Teacher & Creator of iFlow Yoga

How it Begain

My yoga story began after years studying fitness and martial arts. I stepped into my first yoga class at the gym looking for a good stretch and found that it wasn’t exactly love at first down dog.

The postural practice was physically challenging but the biggest surprise was required mental steadiness and attention to detail that yoga entailed. But I love a good challenge, so I kept up with the practice. It wasn’t until I became more familiar with the asanas and their connection to the breath that I began to experience how profound the practice of yoga could be.

How it Evolved

When I started linking the movement with the breath, the practice became magical. I had an ‘a-ha’ moment and it quickly became apparent that this practice was much bigger than anything I had done in the gym.

I was learning how to pause and flow, cultivating an awareness and concentration that would not only serve me on my mat but gave me the tools to act elsewhere in my life in a way that was life affirming.

So I traded in my boxing gloves for a yoga mat and my gym membership for class packages at my favorite New Jersey yoga studio, Yoga Synthesis. I took my first Yoga Teacher Training in 2006 and have since continued to grow and feed my insatiable desire to learn more from the multitude of yoga styles and teachers in the world.

What it is Today

This insatiable desire has led me to complete over 3,000 teacher training hours (and counting) from various schools of yoga, so that I may teach others the absolute best of the practices and philosophies I’ve been taught.

In 2011, I founded iFlow Yoga LLC and established my home studio, The Down Dog House. iFlow Yoga is modern Vinyasa style that draws upon my extensive study of the yoga and ayurveda sciences. I maintain a regular teaching schedule in Northern New Jersey. I also offer 200 hour and 300 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings Programs in Ubud, Bali and The Down Dog House in Ramsey, NJ. You can also join me on one of my yoga immersion retreats in Mexico or Puerto Rico.

I strive to make my classes powerful, dynamic and spiritual, incorporating meditation, pranayama and classical yogic teachings, combining it all in a way that is relatable to students in modern times. I value intelligent alignment and work to infuse my classes with dharmic theme from years of teaching Anusara Yoga. I add a fluid meditative quality from studying breath centered vinyasa, but counter that with the occasional long hold to cultivate power and control. I love creating interesting unorthodox postures and flows that progressively take students to places they never knew existed. In turn, my students continue to teach me everyday, in ways I could have never imagined.

My Mission

I believe that each time we come to the mat, it's an opportunity to learn something about ourselves. Everything that we learn on the mat we can take and apply to life. My mission is to teach you to trust the freedom of your heart, so that you may do in this life what you've been called upon to do.

My Education

Learn about my many yogic influences.

Various Vinyasa Yoga Training


Anusara Yoga Training

Anatomy and Adjustments (for Yoga)

Thai Massage

Restorative Yoga Trainings


Yin Yoga Trainings


Selected Listing of Teacher Training Study

January 2019Dr. Andreo SpinaFunctional Range Conditioning (FRC) CertificationTampa, Florida20
August 2018Edward ClarkTripsechore Yoga Specialist Course London, England50
Oct 2015Michele SapanaroYin Yoga TrainingThe Down Dog House12
Aug 2015Lorin RoscheMeditation - A Play on the Radiance SutrasKripalu, West Stockbridge, MA35
Aug 2015James BrownAnatomy for AsanaAmerican Yoga School15
June 2015 Paulie ZinkYin Yoga TrainingKripalu, West Stockbridge, MA20
Sept 2014Leslie KaminoffAnatomy: The PrinciplesThe Breathing Project, NY75
Sept 2013Alanna KaivalyaThe Art of Physical AdjustmentsKripalu, West Stockbridge, MA20
June 2013Kripalu School of AyurvedaAyurvedic Yoga Specialist TrainingKripalu, West Stockbridge, MA125
Oct-Dec 2012Kripalu School of AyurvedaFoundations of AyurvedaKripalu, West Stockbridge, MA 125
Sept 2012Budokon YogaBudokon Yoga Teacher TrainingMiami, FL30
Feb 2012Loi Kroh Thai Massage SchoolTraditional Thai Massage & YogaChiang Mai, Thailand200
Oct 2011Schuyler GrantKula Yoga Advanced Teacher TrainingNew York City, NY75
Nov 2010Amy Ippolliti & Ross RayburnAdvanced Anusara Teacher TrainingMaplewood, NJ30
Sept 2010Jonas WestringThai Yoga Teacher TrainingKripalu, West Stockbridge, MA50
Nov-June 2009Todd Norian & Ann GreenAnusara Teacher TrainingLenox, MA100
Oct-Dec 2009Todd Norian & Ann GreenAnusara Immersion Levels 2 & 3Vergennes, VT65
Feb 2009Beryl Bender Birch8-Limbed Astanga YogaSamasati, Costa Rica35
Sept 2008 - Jan 2009Shree YogaAnusara Immersion Level 1Saddle River, NJ35
Oct 2008Shiva RaeTrance Dance Teacher TrainingKripalu, West Stockbridge, MA15
Aug 2008 Barron BaptistePower Vinyasa Yoga Teacher TrainingPhonicia, NY112
Oct 2007Masala Yoga SchoolRestorative Yoga Teacher TrainingCaldwell, NJ38
Sept 2007 - June 2008Yoga SynthesisAdvanced Teacher TrainingRamsey, NJ300
Aug 2007White Lotus FoundationAdvanced Teacher TrainingSanta Barbara, CA100
Sept 2006 - June 2007Yoga Synthesis200-Hour Teacher TrainingRamsey, NJ200
Aug 2006White Lotus Foundation200-Hour Teacher TrainingSanta Barbara, CA200

My Motivation

I am inspired by the way things move in nature; ocean waves, trees in wind, clouds, birds, flowers that grow in the direction of sunlight. I see the inherent intelligence in nature. I believe all forms of “dis-ease” results from our tendency to override the intelligence in nature. When we become elegantly aligned with nature, we can move and flow within it and a sense of healthiness and calm can be realized.

Nature is also about inevitable change. The mountains and canyons may look stable but the incredible forces of nature created these shapes over the ages. Our bodies too have this undertow of movement. My yoga practice is about embracing change and going with the flow of life.

Spirituality is inherent in nature. It is a real, tangible spirituality that anyone can access by simply becoming aware of the natural world. This type of spirituality has no borders and is common to us all. It's a philosophy we can all share regardless of who we are, where we live or what we do.

A yoga practice encompassing natural movement, in an orderly direction (dharmic movement), done with intention, and infused with a creative heart - these are the values of iFlow Yoga and is what motivates me to come to my mat each day in a way that is free, balanced and ever changing. This gives me the opportunity to move from intuition rather than through an outside influence. This is the type of practice I try to inspire others to develop. This is my motivation as a yoga teacher, a mom and a wife.

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