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This morning I felt the first hints of fall.  The breeze had a crispness to it and a few leaves had fallen on the ground.  “It’s amazing how quickly time flies,” I say to myself as my 2 1/2 year old races across the grass.  I feel like it was just yesterday that he was in my belly! The pace of life is fast and if you don’t continue to grow and evolve you’ll simply become outdated.  I started iFlow Yoga in 2011.  This seems like yesterday too, hard to believe it’s been 5 years.

I’m big on being a perpetual student and as I have grown and gained more insight over the years, so too has iFlow Yoga.  A lot has happened in the past five years: 4 teacher trainings in Bali, 2 out of the Down Dog House in Ramsey, NJ, and dozens of workshops.  We now have over 100 certified iFlow Yoga teachers in 20 different countries!  We have led annual retreats in Mexico and this year we’ve added Rincon, Puerto Rico.

In September we kick off our next 200-hour Teacher Training at the Down Dog House, and we have added an Advanced 300-hour Teacher Training to our offerings which will certify teachers at the 500-hour credential.  I’ve been working really hard on this program and incredibly excited to share it!  I’m also thrilled that many of my 200-hour graduates are continuing on with iFlow Yoga for their advanced studies.

So reflecting on all that has happened and what is ahead for us, Freddy and I decided to completely update the design and functioning of my web site.  We hope you find the new site fresh, exciting and modern.  Be sure to check out the new “About iFlow Yoga” and “Amy + Team” pages.  There you’ll learn about the philosophy of iFlow Yoga and find details on Amy’s personal study in the yoga and Ayurveda arts.  We’ve added a “For You” page where you can check out Amy’s writings and instructional videos on yoga and Ayurveda topics.  There’s a new “Praise” page where you can hear what others are saying about Amy, her programs and her teaching methods.  You’ll also find the new site much more user friendly on mobile devises (we find the mobile experience best when viewing the site in landscape orientation).  Finally, we improved our e-commerce interface to give you a simple check out experience when registering for Amy’s trainings, retreats and workshops.  With anything new they’ll always be a few bugs, if you see something please do let us know.

That’s it for now, we hope you enjoy the new site… so much more to come.  Special thank you to Emily Artz French for her beautiful design work and David Ryan of Healing Arts Web Design for the web site build.  Their skills and patience made this all possible.

Thank you for your interest in Amy Pastore and iFlow Yoga.  See you on the mat…

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Amy, freddy and the iFlow Yoga Family

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