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Trust the voice of your inner guide as you surf the waves of your breath.

iFlow Yoga is rooted in being intuitively guided by the freedom of the heart. The iFlow Yoga practice is infused with yogic teachings that are experienced in the body, mind and heart. The practice is more than just a series of physical postures. iFlow Yoga incorporates potent meaning woven throughout the class, intelligently applied to the physical and mental practices (asana, pranayama, meditation).

“Does a drop stay still in the ocean? Move with the entirety, and with the tiniest particular.”


Our Principles

The “i” in iFlow reflects its emphasis on three main elements:


by the flow of life

What is true in Nature is true in us. Whenever we find ourselves in uncertain times, we can relate life’s questions back to Nature and the Pancha Mahabhutas (The Five Elements) to find the answers. Ayurveda is the science of Life. Yoga is the science of the human experience within Nature. iFlow Yoga recognizes the teachings of both as necessary to a complete life practice.

For an iFlow Yoga practitioner, the movement between the postures is as important as the poses themselves. We transition in a way that is fluid and ever changing, in that way, we mimic Nature. The way we flow through the asana practice is a metaphor for how we align with Nature and move through life off the mat.


alignment and sequencing

iFlow Yoga applies knowledge of Western anatomy while respecting the teachings of the Indian tradition. Through the applied knowledge of human anatomy, iFlow Yoga is intelligent in preparing the body for asana practice.

iFlow Yoga utilizes Three Alignment Elements as a framework for finding one’s optimal flow of energy. We seek balanced action in asana so that the postures are steady yet easeful.

The sequencing is progressive and makes sense in the body allowing practitioners to safely go farther than they ever imagined. iFlow Yoga offers modifications and advanced variations making classes suitable for a wide range of practitioners.


guidance by the heart

iFlow Yoga interprets the art & science of Yoga as a means back to our “Original Self” or “True Nature.” It honors each individual’s innate genius and recognizes that the greatest teacher is found within. Amy designed the iFlow practice to help the practitioner trust the voice of his or her inner guide, allowing great freedom for individual expression.

We follow no set sequence of postures. Instead, we are guided by a sequencing formula. iFlow Yoga teachers utilize this formula while having the freedom to create their own asana sequences depending on the theme of the class. iFlow Yoga fosters individual creativity as the most important contribution to building the community around us.

Our Roots

iFlow Yoga is a vinyasa style of yoga.

Vinyasa means distinct placement or movement with the breath. iFlow Yoga is a modern style of yoga, honoring the historic lineages and traditions while evolving with the current of the new age. It is a synthesis the best of what many different styles have to offer the modern practitioner. See below for a summary of the ways iFlow Yoga has been influenced by other major styles of yoga practice.


What Inspired Us


Strong vinyasa flow asana practice incorporating breathing techniques and use of Bandhas into asana


Use of props and a focus on alignment

Sivananda & Classical Hatha

Eight limb teaching


Incorporate Kriya, Chakras, Kundalini Shaki, Mantras, Mundras and Meditation


Repetition in postures, breath emphasis and modifies practice to meet individual needs



Kula Yoga

Intelligent sequencing and postural flow and use of Bandhas


Universal Principles of Alignment (UPA) and incorporation of theme into asana practice

Power Yoga

Athleticism and building core strength

Voices From the Mat

This training is the most challenging thing I have ever done but, by far, the most rewarding and life enhancing...Amy is amazing, her team brilliant, the location perfect. A truly invaluable experience!

Ingrid Lalanne - Australia iFlow 200 Hr Teacher Training in Bali
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