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Letting go and finding my own flow…iflow

I  recently decided to officially let go of my Anusara Certification.  Which means I won’t be paying dues to Anusara Inc. (whoever that is). My name won’t be on the web site (is that still up?).  And I won’t be adhering to any dogma from the Anusara method about what I can and can’t say or do in my teaching. I’m not going to go into the details of the reasons for this decision as it’s pretty obvious. Let’s just say….it’s personal.

I’ve been getting clearer on who I am as a yoga teacher and life long student separate from Anusara. It’s very similar to experiencing a loss in relationship.  When you decide to walk away from someone you love or they leave you, you go through different stages of emotions. The fist is Denial; this can’t be happening!  That was me and most of my Anusara kula when the shit hit the fan. Then there’s Anger; I spent all that time studying and $$$$$ money! When we hit the 3rd stage, we Bargain, we do anything we can to make it work; let’s try to get a committee together to run the show…turn Anusara over to a non-profit teacher run school.  When the committee didn’t work out I began to transition to the 4th phase, Depression. We start to really feel the loss and once we allow ourselves to feel it we can move to the last phase which is to Accept.  This is when we get where we need to be in order to truly move forward. So I did.

There’s a place you sit, after acceptance, and it’s full of possibilities.  There is a spark. It’s exciting and holds potential for something new.  It’s the moment you realize you’re OK on your own.  You’re free and you can do whatever you like and not have to answer to anyone.  It’s a chit ananda moment. You have an “ah ha” revelation and the tears dry and the clouds part.  The sun shines through the broken heart and you’re lit up again.

That’s how I feel about my yoga.  I’ve dated lots of different styles and brands.  I’ve had some long term relationships where I thought this is the only style for me. I don’t regret my fling with Baptiste yoga or my one night stand with kundalini. I appreciate and love all my yoga relationships as I’ve learned from each one; they have made me a better person and teacher. I look forward to many more yoga affairs and have decided I don’t believe in marriage to any one style.

You may have noticed my site has been updated.  And the yoga I’m teaching is called iflow.  It’s a free style of yoga with no strings attached. Sort of like an open relationship. It’s an “un-brand brand”. So if your studying with me, I offer you suggestions and guidance with encouragement to color a bit outside the lines. I offer you what has truly worked for me in my practice but encourage and give you space to find your own.  be inspired – be intelligent – be intuitive.

For more on iflow click here…iflow

(p.s. Freddy, don’t  get excited, this doesn’t mean I want an open relationship with you.)


  • Jeffrey Posner

    August 8th, 2012

    Well said and from the heart! Bad things and challenges always present themselves to us. Finding the growth the good…the inspiration in it all is what makes you feel alive and allows us all to grow.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • todd norian

    August 10th, 2012

    Way to go Amy. I support you 100%. You rock. iflow rocks. Follow your heart and fly.

    Much Love,

    Todd Norian

  • Patti Lewis

    September 7th, 2012


    Love this, so well put! Thanks for all the inspiration!!!


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