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After a decade of study as a yoga student and teacher I’ve had the opportunity to experience many different types of teacher trainings, immersions and workshops.  Many of these had great things to offer but unfortunately some of what I’ve experienced was mass marketing and subpar teaching more about money and numbers than creating well versed, qualified teachers.  Even more troubling is the increasing number of teacher trainings being offered by teachers with limited experience and training themselves.  And now there are more yoga teachers than ever before.  Many of them don’t feel ready to teach or confident with their teaching style.  Some were taught how to read a script or follow a sequence but not how to sequence a flow themselves.  I hear and see this all the time and felt that there was a better way to offer advanced training for those looking to teach or those simply interested in deepening their understanding of yoga.

Drawing from my experiences, with a desire to pass on the gift of yoga in a genuine and creative way, I have spent the past year organizing the iflow Yoga Immersion and 200 hour Teacher Training Program.  This program covers yoga from the classical through the modern perspective and delivers it in a way that is palatable, relatable and useful to the student.  My primary intention is to create practitioners and teachers who embody the knowledge of yoga and have the tools they need to successfully and authentically express their own True Nature.

iflow Yoga was created with this at its heart.  It is a synthesis of what has worked for me over many years of study.  It is based on primary three elements: (1) Inspired by the flow of life; (2) Intelligent in terms of alignment and sequencing; and (3) Intuitive through the creative freedom of the heart.  Diversity, creativity and exploration are celebrated and encouraged in the iflow method.  For more information about iflow click here.

These modules are not for the masses.  These are not factory trainings.  They are small group teaching sessions with lots of support, mentoring, and guidance.  Since many of my students don’t have opportunity to travel to Bali, this training will be held at Amy’s home studio, The Down Dog House, and will be limited to 8 students per module.  Modules are for serious students who want to learn Philosophy, Meditation, Pranayama as well as advanced Asana.  The modules can be taken alone or as a group which, along with completion of all non-contact self-study and teaching assignments, completes the iflow Yoga 200 hour Teacher Training program.  For more details about this program and to apply click here.  Applicants will be contacted for a phone interview.  If you’ve already taken a 200 hour training, this program should still be considered as it is purposefully designed to be more hands-on and more comprehensive than most other 200 hour programs. For more about my training and background click here.

This week I leave for teaching in Chiang Mai, Thailand then on to be with the amazing international group of yogis in Ubud, Bali for the iflow Yoga Immersions and 200 hour Teacher Training.  I will miss my New Jersey area students but promise to bring back new inspirations…




  • Jackie Banguera

    January 7th, 2013

    Hi Amy is Jackie from onelovehotyoga I am interested but not sure yet so I would like to talk to you later on when you will be back from your trip talk to you soon, thanks.

  • Rebecca Malandra

    January 8th, 2013

    Amy – Fantastic write up. I really like what you said about teaching and expressing with our “True Nature”. I’m so so excited to attend your training. It will be amazing. Have a beautiful trip : )


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