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Heart and the Art of Being Apart

I’m In Thailand teaching yoga and studying Thai massage. I have been away  from my family for a month now and really missing my loved ones at home in NJ, particularly my husband Freddy. I find myself being reminded of him all the time. What would Freddy say in this situation? What would Freddy think of this experience?  I know him so well I can easily guess and enjoy the amusement of imagining how different situations would play out if my other half were by my side.

We can all relate to the feeling of missing our dear ones when there is a physical separation. When we have a deep bond in relationship and are apart for a long time, the heart will long to be reunited as it recalls the sweetness of love. Thoughts and memories are reminders that keep us close on a spiritual level even though we may be physically apart from each other.

How does that relate to our physical yoga practice? Let’s look at the posture hanumanasana (split). One leg extends out forward in one direction while the other reaches back in the opposite direction.  They could not be farther apart but at the same time we draw the legs in toward the midline.  Each leg literally hugs in towards the other (muscular energy). There is a remembrance of relationship, a magnetic quality that creates integrity in the pose. This action aligns the hips and pelvis optimally, while protecting the joints and muscles from being stressed.  It creates a safer, more supported expansion allowing the practitioner to move more deeply into the posture.

It is a metaphor for the way we can choose to support and inspire the people we love as they pursue there own individual expansion.  Honoring and remembering one another even when we are apart. The heart has an infinite power to create a bond that can endure any distance.




  • Liza

    January 25th, 2012

    Your words always touch home for me. You feel a little closer now.

  • Jeffrey Posner

    January 25th, 2012

    Great post Amy! I love how you tie the physical practice into everyday life situations. Hope you are having a great trip and see you soon on the mat!

  • michelle

    February 7th, 2012

    Thanks for the lovely reminder and expression of your own heart.

  • Colleen

    February 8th, 2012

    I love this whole article. Beautifully written and very insightful. Miss you! XOXO

  • Sarah

    February 14th, 2012

    Really like this. Seems a lot of missing going on! Love you!!


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