About iflow Yoga

iflow Yoga

inspired – intelligent – intuitive

 The “i” in iflow reflects its emphasis on three main elements:

1.  inspired by the flow of life

2.  intelligent alignment and sequencing

3.  intuitively guided by the freedom of the creative heart

iflow is inspired by the flow of Nature, Spirit, and Breath.  An iflow practitioner is an artist who steps into the flow and uses his/her spirit to skillfully create more beauty and harmony in the body through movement on the mat. An iflow practitioner applies this same practice to life off the mat and uses it to spreading love, joy, and compassion artfully in the world.  The way we align ourselves in asana and the way we take action in the practice is a metaphor for how we align with the universe and engage in life off the mat.

iflow is intelligent in preparing the body for practice, alignment and sequencing.  iflow utilizes the Anusara Universal Principles of Alignment as a framework for finding one’s true north.  We seek balanced action in asana so that the postures are steady yet easeful. Sthira sukham asanam 2.46 of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras states that the postures should be steady, stable (sthira) as well as comfortable, easeful (sukham).  The sequencing makes sense in the body so it feels good. iflow offers modifications and advanced variations making classes suitable for a wide range of practitioners.

iflow honors each individuals innate, inherent genius or intuition. There is great freedom and room for creativity within this practice.  There is no set sequence of postures in this method so teachers can sequence creatively depending on the theme of the class.  about iflow-charts-pie

iflow is a Vinyasa style of yoga.  Vinyasa means distinct placement or movement with the breath.  iflow intelligently combines alignment and sequencing to create an asana practice inspired by the freedom of the intuitive heart.

iflow is a modern eclectic blend of many different styles of yoga.  It honors past lineages and traditions while evolving with the current of the new age.  It synthesizes the best of what these different styles have to offer the modern practitioner.


This is the core philosophy that iflow Yoga embraces.  iflow encourages you to mix and blend a yoga practice that you enjoy, one which is a reflection of your own unique Devine Self.   Here is a summary of the ways iflow has been influenced by other major yoga styles:

about iflow-charts-table

iflow Yoga classes are infused with yogic teachings that can be felt in the physical body, the mind and in the heart.  Classes are more than just a series of physical postures.  iflow Yoga incorporates potent meaning woven throughout the class, intelligently applied to the physical practice.  The practice is steeped in the positive philosophy of looking for the good and being intuitively guided by the freedom of the heart.  Students are encouraged to trust themselves and to listen to their own inner guidance as they surf the waves of the breath.


Does a drop stay still in the ocean?  Move with the entirety, and with the tiniest particular.

– Rumi