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About Amy Pastore

The practice of yoga is a metaphor for how we choose to engage in life off the mat. The more we can align ourselves with nature, the more harmony we feel in the body, mind, and spirit. Through our practice together, may we become more skillful at this dance, may we recognize the infinite potential of the heart, and graciously enjoy the beauty of this life, illuminating all those we touch along the way. Saprema (in love),

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Cobra Pose Jan 28

Cobra and Upward Facing Dog – Two Totally Different Animals

Here’s another area where there’s confusion in vinyasa classes.  It’s rarely taught and students are not clear.  Check out...

chaturanga Jan 19

Jump Back to Chaturanga Dandasana

Here’s another “ouch” of a misalignment in motion… I see this ALL the time. In the Surya Namaskar A...