Inversion Junkies


When & Where

April 15 — April 29, 2024

Amy's HOMe Studio

Ridgewood, NJ

About the Program

Get off your feet, on your hands and defy gravity with me. Arm balances, headstands, forearm balance, hybrids and of course Handstand!

Workshop Series:

  • 3 in person 90 minute inversion workshops with me
  • On the other 6 days of the week you will have one rest day and receive five different daily practice plans

These daily routines have been specially designed, tried and tested by me to give you the strength, flexibility and mobility needed to succeed on your hands!  Along with the practice plans you will receive videos of myself explaining and demonstrating in detail the techniques of each drill and exercise.  The written practice plans and the videos are yours to keep and refer to beyond this program!

You will learn about the anatomy of inversions and understand how to build the architecture of these shapes optimally.

You will be given mindset strategies for success and lots to motivate you.  And guess what...?... the mindset stuff totally transfers to and transforms you life off the mat... to you work, your creative projects, and your relationships with others.   It's all in your head... so let's get your head together!

We meet in person for the weekly workshops at my home yoga practice space but you will have access to me anytime for questions or just to show me your progress!  Through this program I am with you, to inspire and support you every step of the way...


Time & Place

The in-person workshops are held on the Mondays of April 15th, 22nd and 29th from 6:30 - 8pm.  These workshops will be held in my home studio located in Ridgewood, New Jersey.


Yoga Tuition

The investment for this program is $225.  You can reserve your space with payment through Venmo or text Amy at (551) 497-2644 if you prefer to pay by cash or check.

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