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April 24 — July 10, 2020

Online Training


Yoga Training with ERYT Teacher Amy Pastore

About the Program

Do you dream of pressing up to handstand?  Maybe you’ve been trying for years with little improvement…?  This is the PERFECT time to train hard and come out of this better than ever!  If press handstand is something that interests you...and you’re willing to practice really hard 6 days a week, and do the mental and physical work... this program is for you.

Press Club is a 3-month program where you will learn and apply exactly what’s needed in body and mind to successfully achieve the press-up goal.  Through this practice you will improve all your arm balances and find lightness in your vinyasa.

Program Description

This program was developed over years of personal study, practice and refinement.  It represents a specific formula of practices which progressively develop the body to achieve the strength required to float.  A key component of this formula is the personal mind-set coaching to annihilate the “can’t do that” attitude that often is the source of blockage to advancing in one's practice.  Amy's mastery of yoga teaching techniques will expedite acquiring the skill set needed to Press and Float your way up.  Amy will be incorporating Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) techniques for wrists and shoulders to prevent injury and make the press sustainable.

This is a 3-month commitment to practice 1-hour a day... hard!  The only prerequisite to join the Press Club is a positive mindset and desire to achieve the illusive press-up handstand.

Daily Personal Practice

Students will be given a daily personal practice consisting of strength, flexibility and mobility drills which are the prerequisites needed for the Press.  Each week you will receive a set of practices that are done for six days with rest on day 7.  The daily practices will be tailored to suit individual needs and will progressively prepare you for lift off.  During our weekly online Zoom meetings together we will assess our progress, master the exercises, and most importantly work and support one another with a positive mindset… what happens in press club stays in press club!

Private Group Online Learning

We will have a private Facebook group to have access to Amy for questions and coaching during your personal practice throughout the program.  Each week's video training drills will be posted to our private site for your access.  The social interaction between group members is also a great source of learning, motivation and encouragement during and after the Program.

At a Glance

  • Twelve weeks of Daily Personal Practice routines designed by Amy Pastore
  • Program offered online, video training drills are available to you at any time that is convenient for your daily practice
  • Weekly group Zoom session to review drills, progress and share successes! (session time tbd)


Yoga Tuition

Deposit is requested at time of registration.  Full payment is required before the start of the program on April 24th.

Press Club (online only)$1,000
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