iFlow Yoga Weekend Immersions


When & Where

September 9 — October 22, 2017

The Down Dog House

Ramsey, NJ


Yoga Teacher Training with ERYT Teacher Amy Pastore

iFlow Yoga is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School. These Immersions can be applied towards the iFlow Yoga 200-Hour TT Certification Program.

About the Program

Amy Headshot 2015Amy Pastore presents The iFlow Yoga Weekend Immersion Series at The Down Dog House in Ramsey, NJ.  This series consists of two Immersions which together offer 100-Hours of iFlow Yoga study.  This program is open to all practitioners who are interested in deepening their asana practice, learning more about the subtle yoga practices and gaining a greater understanding of yoga philosophy.

Developed and refined over a 7 year period, these Immersions draw from Amy’s extensive teaching experience, delivered from her desire to pass on the gift of practicing yoga in a way that is genuine, intelligent and creative.  They offer insight into how Amy develops her own personal practice, and how her approach can be made to work for you through the study of the iFlow Yoga Primary Asana Series and the iFlow Yoga Alignment Elements.

Amy's approach to teaching yoga is holistic.  She takes the best of everything she has learned over her years of study and presents this as a synthesis of what are many paths leading to the same ultimate goal.  Along the way she will encourage you to take what works and leave behind what does not.  Amy and iFlow Yoga is rooted on the belief that each of us has inherent inspiration, intelligence and intuition.  As a yoga instructor, Amy's role is to guide you toward your own personal realizations.  Amy strongly believes that the first step in this process is developing your own personal yoga practice.  These Immersions are designed to help you do just that.

In addition to intensive asana study, Amy and her supporting staff will guide various pranayama and meditation techniques, showing how these practices offer you a way to go beyond the mat with your yoga practice.  These Immersions offer insight into many aspects of yoga including: Bandhas and how to use them in asana and pranayama practice; the Chakras and how they inform the various subtle energies of the body; the power of Sanskrit and Mantras; how the art & science of Ayruveda complements Yoga; and an in depth study of Human Anatomy and how it informs alignment yoga asana.

The Immersions can be taken individually or as a pair.  They represent the first 100 hours of the iFlow Yoga 200 hour Teacher Training Program. Those who complete these Immersions would have the option to continue on towards their TT certification.



Immersion 1

The Essence Of The Practice

flowersThis Immersion introduces you to the iFlow Yoga Primary Asana Series, a "home base asana" sequence that explains Amy's approach to her daily asana practice.  While there is no set sequence of poses in an iFlow Yoga practice, this series shows how to intelligently open up the body to prepare for deeper and more challenging poses.  Along with the Primary Series is the presentation of the three iFlow Yoga Alignment Elements.  Amy will explain how proper application of each elements ensures safety and advancement in asana practice.  This Immersion is all about developing a personal practice.  Prepare to be challenged in your asana practice and attain poses that before you thought were not possible!

In this Immersion you will also gain:

  • Experience in practicing various types of pranayama and meditation techniques, with the goal of finding what works for you, and how both can further inform your asana practice
  • A study of The Bhagavad Gita, one of the most important and foundational texts of yoga philosophy
  • An in-depth review of both gross (muscles, joints, bone structure) and subtle (the Chakras) Human Anatomy, specifically as to how this all relates to asana poses
  • An introduction into different forms of asana practice, including Acro Yoga
  • A review of proper Sanskrit pronunciation
  • The power of chanting Mantras
  • An introduction to Ayurveda, the sister science to Yoga

You will come away from this Immersion with a greater understanding of your practice and of yourself.  This Immersion is an "appetizer" of what is to come with Immersion 2 and the iFlow Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training Program.

Immersion 2

Deepening Your Practice

DSC_8199We dive deeper in this Immersion.  Deeper into the refinement of your personal asana practice and with the subtle practices of pranayama and meditation.  This Immersion includes further practice with the iFlow Yoga Primary Series and the Alignment Elements.  Also introduced are The Seven Energy Loops, as defined by the Anusara Yoga Method.  These are various energy flows located the main centers of the body and act as tuning dials to further inform proper energetic and structural alignment.


In this Immersion you will also gain:

  • Further experience in practicing pranayama and meditation techniques
  • A study of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, another of the most important and foundational texts of yoga philosophy, the text that gives us the Ashtanga or Eight-Limbed yoga path
  • Continued review of both gross (muscles, joints, bone structure) and subtle (the Chakras) Human Anatomy
  • More exposure to different forms of asana practice, including Yin Yoga
  • The power of chanting Mantras
  • The yogic diet
  • Further study of Ayurveda, specifically The Six Tastes and The Daily and Seasonal Routines

This Immersion will give you more knowledge to help advance further in your personal practice.  Together with Immersion 1, this Immersion will prepare you to take the next step towards becoming a certified yoga instructor through the iFlow Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training Program.  They represent the first 100 hours of study towards the full 200 hour TT certification.


Time & Place

Each Immersion takes place over two weekends.  The schedule for each weekend of study is:

  • Saturday and Sunday from 8:00am until 5:30pm

The dates for each Immersion are:

  • The Essence Of The Practice - September 9th & 10th,  September 16th & 17th
  • Deepening Your Practice - October 14th & 15th,  October 21st & 22nd


Yoga Tuition

Payment Details

A 20% non-refundable deposit is required to hold your reservation in the Immersion(s).  The final balance is due 2-weeks prior to the start date of each Immersion.  Early bird discounts are offered to those who pay in full by July 15th, 2017 and will be automatically applied at checkout.

The Essence Of The Practice$900
Deeping Your Practice$900
Immersions 1 & 2 - Full Program$1,800
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