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Sep 25, 2018 — Jun 5, 2019

Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ


Yoga Teacher Training with ERYT Teacher Amy Pastore

iFlow Yoga is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School. Successful graduates of this program can become Yoga Alliance Registered 500 Hour Yoga Teachers.

About the Program

Amy Pastore presents The iFlow Yoga Advance 300-Hour Teacher Training Program.  This Program draws from Amy’s extensive teaching experience and 15 years of personal study, delivered from her desire to pass on the gift of teaching yoga in a way that is genuine, intelligent and creative.  These 300-hours of advanced yoga study can be combined with your 200-hour TT certification to complete a 500-hour certification level.

Amy's approach to teaching yoga is holistic.  She takes the best of everything she has learned over her years of study and presents this as a synthesis of what are many paths leading to the same ultimate goal.  Along the way she will encourage you to take what works and leave behind what does not.  iFlow Yoga is rooted on the belief that each of us has inherent inspiration, intelligence and intuition.  As a result, Amy leads this Program in a way that allows a lot of room for individual expression.  Her goal is to pass on the skills and techniques required for the role, and instill confidence to make you the most authentic yoga teacher possible.

Amy has designed this Program to provide each student with significant practice teaching opportunities - asana, pranayama and meditation - with constructive feedback from her and your fellow trainees.  Another important aspect of this training is experiencing how yoga can create a greater sense of community.  To foster this, you will also work collaboratively with your TT group to plan, develop and deliver a class together.  You will leave this program with a more powerful set of yoga teaching skills and be ready to offer more potent and meaningful class experiences to your students.



Module 1

iFLow Yoga Foundations

This Module introduces you to the iFlow Yoga Primary Asana Series, a "home base asana" sequence that explains Amy's approach to her daily asana practice and her approach to preparing her yoga classes.  While there is no set sequence of poses in an iFlow Yoga practice, this series shows how to intelligently open up the body to prepare for deeper and more challenging poses.

Along with the Primary Series is the presentation of the Three iFlow Yoga Alignment Elements.  Amy will explain how proper application of each elements ensures safety and advancement in asana practice.

This Module is all about developing a personal practice which Amy believes is the most important step to becoming an authentic yoga teacher.  Prepare to be challenged in your asana practice and attain poses that before you thought were not possible!

In this Module you will also gain:

  • Experience in practicing various types of pranayama and meditation techniques, with the goal of finding what works for you, and how both can further inform your asana practice
  • A study of The Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, two of the most important and foundational texts of yoga philosophy
  • Study of The Seven Energy Loops, as defined by the Anusara Yoga Method
  • An in-depth review of both gross (muscles, joints, bone structure) and subtle (the Chakras) Human Anatomy, specifically as to how this all relates to asana poses
  • A review of proper Sanskrit pronunciation
  • The power of chanting Mantras
  • An understanding of the yogic diet
  • An introduction to Ayurveda, the sister science to Yoga, specifically The Six Tastes and The Daily and Seasonal Routines

You will come away from this Module with a greater understanding of your practice and of yourself, setting a strong foundation necessary to take the next step to becoming a more confident and authentic yoga instructor.

Module 2

Taking The Seat of The Teacher

This Module is all about teaching yoga.  We will study how to intelligently sequence asana poses, how to guide the breath, how to deliver safe and effective asana adjustments, language selection and voice modulation. We will also spend time discussing various types of class planning methods.

During this Module each student will have significant time for practice teaching sessions.  You will gain experience leading asana, pranayama and meditation practices in a highly supportive environment.  We will also cover the art of weaving theme and dharma throughout your classes to make them more potent, relatable and meaningful experiences for your students.  Finally, we'll study ways to become more creative and dynamic with sequencing poses, and how to deliver effective more advanced asana assists.  Emphasis will be placed on how to teach asana away from your own mat, and how to lead pranayama and meditation in a way that is personal to you.

In this Module we will also cover:

  • Effective and creative use of props
  • Various "asana lab" reviews of poses
  • How to observe your students to spot and correct common misalignments
  • Techniques for executing an effective asana demonstration
  • Teachers ethics
  • How to market yourself as a yoga teacher
  • Use of music playlists as accompaniment

Over the years of presenting the TT Programs, Amy has found this Module to be most challenging yet most rewarding for her students. Your experiences in this Module will form (or reform) what you think about your practice and about being a yoga teacher.  You will set a stable foundation for being an authentic and inspiring yoga teacher to your students.

Module 3

Masterful Teaching Techniques

This Module is designed to take your teaching skills to the next level, providing you an opportunity to add more meaning, potency and magic to the way that you teach.  Learn Amy's personal formula for advanced sequencing and how she weaves dharma into the asana sequence in a way that puts it into the fabric of your students body.  Gain experience and confidence through this personal mentorship program with Amy as you are encouraged to teach authentically from your heart.

In this Module we will also cover:

  • Observing your students, specifically to know how & when to apply advanced asana assists and adjustments
  • How to deliver effective demonstrations and how & when to use a student for a demonstration
  • Sequencing to the Apex Pose
  • Use of direct language in guiding asana
  • Teaching the private client
  • Developing and presenting Workshops
  • Study of the Radiance Sutras

From this Module and this Teacher Training Program you will come away will highly refined teaching skills and a deeper understanding of the transformative power yoga can have on your students.  They will love you for it!


Time & Place

Program takes place on Tuesday's and Wednesday's from 9:30am to 2:30pm

Module 1:

September: 25th & 26th

October: 2nd & 3rd | 9th & 10th | 16th & 17th | 23rd & 24th

November: 6th & 7th | 13th & 14th


Module 2:

December: 4th & 5th | 11th & 12th

January: 8th & 9th | 15th & 16th | 22nd & 23rd | 28th & 29th

March: 19th & 20th | 26th & 27th


Module 3:

April: 9th & 10th | 16th & 17th | 23rd & 24th | 30th

May: 1st | 7th & 8th | 14th & 15th | 21st & 22nd

June: 4th & 5th


Yoga Tuition

A 20% deposit is required to hold your place in the Program.  The final balance is due September 18th, 2018, 1-week prior to the start date of the Program.  A $300 Early Bird discount is available for those who pay in full by August 20th, 2018

Full Price$4,500
Early Bird$4,200
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