Intuitive Flow Vinyasa with Amy Jean Pastore

Event Description

Get ready to throw out all the rules and let music, intuition, and breath be what informs the way you move. If you can adopt an “if you’re moving and Breathing, you’re practicing yoga attitude,” you will love this practice. In this workshop we will explore yogic movement from a place of feeling and intuition rather than being directed by outer form. Our bodies hold onto tension. Over time this causes blockages that hinder the flow of energy and cause pain.

Eventually this creates dis-ease in the body. There are places in the body we just don’t get to in a traditional asana practice. The intention of this workshop will be to literally free ourselves up to make more space for the energy to flow. Amy will guide you into basic shapes and movements but leave lots of room for individual experimentation, and creativity.

The less you know about yoga the easier you will find this practice. Be prepared to unlearn if your a seasoned practitioner. Intuitive flow is innate and natural. You are born knowing how to do it. Unravel let go of old thought patterns, habits and create space for movement that is life enhancing, dynamic and liberating. This yoga practice is therapeutic for the body mind and spirit. Step into the currant and discover or uncover your yoga. To register and find out more go to


Wild Rose Yoga Studio
4/2 Phraproklao
Chiang Mai,

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Cost: 350THB


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