About Freddy

Freddy in SkandasanaFreddy was introduced to yoga through his wife, Amy Pastore.  At first, practicing yoga was an excuse to be around Amy – even if it meant enduring 26 long-hold asana postures in 105 degree heat!  Over the years, the frustration of the Asanas gave way to a deeper understanding of the complete yoga practice.  This resulted in a physical, mental and spiritual transformation.

Freddy has attended yoga workshops and immersions with many world renowned teachers including Todd Norian & Anne Greene, Amy Ippoliti, Jenny Sauer Klein, Raghunath (Ray Cappo), Scott Blossom, Bo Forbes, Kofi Busia, Alanna Kaivalya and Raji Thron.  In 2012 he completed the Life of a Yogi Teacher Training Program with Sri Dharma Mittra in New York City and received his 200-hour certification.  Continuing his yoga studies with Sri Dharma, in 2013 completed the 500-hour Life of a Yogi Teacher Training Program, receiving his 500-hour certification in March 2014.  Above all, Freddy credits his wife for sharing with him the knowledge of yoga through her own extensive study and teaching experience.

Freddy’s classes draw from his diverse yoga training and his life experience from his careers in business and in music.  He emphasizes the importance of classical yoga teachings with respectful updates to modern times.  Freddy is an accomplished bassist and for the past 30 years has performed and recorded with many of New York City areas top jazz, rock and pop musicians.  He also holds certification in Basic Thai Massage from the Loi Kroh School in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

His deep knowledge base and diverse interests results in an engaging and challenging yoga class.  Freddy encourages his students to lead a principle based life; one based foremost on compassion for all beings (Ahimsa) with forceful determination (Tapas) and intelligent self-study (Svadhyaya).